Computer Screen [Single]

by Michael Forrest

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d_c15243 Love the poetical lyricism. Dunning's twist on it is perfect. Favorite track: Computer Screen Mechanical Techno Remix by Graham Dunning.


First single from How To Live Forever.


released March 31, 2017




Michael Forrest London, UK

Michael Forrest is a multi-instrumentalist producer based in London.

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Track Name: Computer Screen
I find myself all day stuck at a computer screen
It always makes me feel like I am living in a dream
A world inside the world, a manufactured fantasy
I wish I could escape it but I can't seem to get free

So many places now that I don't ever need to go
Now everything I think I need I can find here at home
No reason to go out I'll spend all of my time alone
A mouse a keyboard and a laptop and a telephone

Fuck the computer screen

I go out to a venue got to go and get some air
To get away from all the pixels and electric glare
Is inspiration on the stage and is there any flair?
No all there is is someone standing with a laptop there
I don't know what you're doing with it, it's a mystery
Behind the shining barrier where only you can see
You're standing up there staring mesmerised by LCD
I'm standing down here thinking this is not what it could be