Infinite London Single

by Michael Forrest



Here's Infinite London, the first taste of the sounds from the Infinite Music Machine, an app-based 'album' coming to the App Store in March.

More about the app:

Here's the video:

These tracks are shaped by human hands an as such are much more focused than the music that the app will produce. In additional to the title track, the B Side Super Singular is included. It could be about the app, it could be about something far larger.

"A hive, a warren of creativity, London remains a perpetual source of inspiration to those who live there.
After all, it's so dense, so sprawling, that it can often seem like London is - for all intents and purposes - the world itself.
Michael Forrest calls the city his home, using it as an interface to consume music. The artist's own productions fuse these influences into one unholy beast, matching the lurid IDM of, say Amon Tobin, with the glitch-hop of early Flying Lotus.
Throwing in slabs of indie's more cerebral side, Michael Forrest is set to release new single 'Infinite London' on February 10th.
A swarm of noise and texture, the video for the track rushes around London in a technicolor race to the finish." - Clash Music

"Pleasingly intense and hypnotic stuff" - Guardian Music Blog

"Multi-instrumental production wizard Michael Forrest makes glitchy, atmospheric electronica that prods and pokes your brain in a very agreeable way." - TimeOut

"Michael Forrest's 'Infinite London' swivels dangerously to and fro. Bionic jab after bionic jab, there are instances of melodiousness attempting to surface; sweet pastel shades pushed down by heavy metallic torrents which deliver a brisk suaveness that is quintessentially London.
The ambiance of the bustling city perfectly captured within the cool dynamic of the song, the outro is suddenly maniacal -- a reflection of the unsettling, luminous solitude of city life, but also the fortitude and addiction to drive that come with it. Indeed, Forrest is thoroughly self-aware. He brands his music as unmarketable pop, but its blatant defiance of the commercial is perhaps what propels him above the rest, producing a sound that is attention-grabbing, artistic and strong.
Michael Forrest: a name ready to bask in the warm glow of many a cold, industry-run city: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo...
That is, if the rest of his forthcoming record Infinite Music Machine is on par with the single. Primal, yet robotic; a straight-shooter with a tight structure."
Rock'n'Roll In My Soul -

"he's a London based producer who classes his music as unmarketable pop - but I do have a lot of love for his brand of skitchy, jerky, dark electro-pop. 'Infinite London' is an unpredictable, nightmarish ghoul of a tune that lurches in to life before infiltrating your veins and blood cells via your ears. Elements of Cho Cho, Prodigy and Goose are apparent but there is a throbbing, pulsating bass melody that has something quite delicious about it. This is the kind of music that should be found reverberating along the walls of some multi-roomed, neon painted pop up nightclub that is only accessible via a large cat flap with a ninja on security duty. It's off the wall, it's odd, it's got a groove and I love it." - Listen With Monger

"With elements of both rave and techno-pop, it has quite a unique feel to it. It has some catchy grooves partway through, with a pulsating bass melody throughout. It's unpredictable, random and could be considered somewhat eerie at times, but it's definitely something that you'd expect to hear in a nightclub where everybody is covered in UV paint and partying all night long" - Hold Up Now

"'Infinite London', the first fun and infectious cut lifted from the album, serves as an excellent taste of what's coming our way." - Cast The Dice

"strangely alluring experimental electronica" - MiddleBoopMag


released February 10, 2014




Michael Forrest London, UK

Michael Forrest is a multi-instrumentalist producer based in London.

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Track Name: Super Singular (This Machine)
This machine has confidence, it's super singular.