Better Than You

from by Michael Forrest




I might be bad but I’m better than you
I might be bad but I’m better than you
I might be bad but I’m better than you
I might be bad but I’m better than you

Whatever I believe I concede is a story that I use when it suits me
It isn’t very deep, I take what I need and try to be what I wanna be
And I can let it go even if it was the whole of the way that I used to see it
I’ll never see the truth so I pick and choose from the best ideas I can find out there

I can’t say I know what’s true
I can’t even say I know

Now you’re moving on the world, I can see similarities like you’re following same track
Never taking any books to read, you prefer the ease of making up your own facts
Not everybody knows you that can't really overthrow some kinds of stories
But it doesn’t really matter what they believe just has to stick around for the week

You can’t even say you know what’s true
You can’t ever say what’s true

I might be a hypocrite
But I try to see beyond my limits

Any ways I'm wrong the worst can happen is I give myself a problem
In my life and maybe I upset some of my loved ones
Or missing out on doing something yeah that might have been fun
But if you are wrong then the very worst thing that will happen is an
H-bomb, cities going underwater, hurricanes and earthquakes
higher seas and poison in the air and persecution
wars across the world and sacrificing any wisdom
You need to factor all this in when you make your decisions

I might be a hypocrite, but I try to see beyond my limits
I might have a loose relationship with the truth
I might be bad but I'm better than you

Oh Donald, Donald, you can suck my bum, oh oh oh Donald try not to blow us to kingdom come


from 2016 EP, released January 20, 2017




Michael Forrest London, UK

Michael Forrest is a multi-instrumentalist producer based in London.

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