They Won't Stop

from by Michael Forrest



"This is a song about how you can't reason with some people. I think we're all feeling like this a lot more recently as we attempt to understand the reasons many people voted for Trump or Brexit. To me, their slippery logic is reminiscent the sort of paranoia and conspiracy theorising I'd usually associate with serious mental illness. A mistrust of the mainstream media has transformed into wholesale dismissal of evidence-based discussions - with people making convoluted connections to justify their theories. We also have to contend with this insidious 'reverse bigotry', 'reverse racism', 'reverse sexism' rhetoric used to attempt to wriggle out of responsibility for spreading regressive ways of understanding people and the world.

I think a lot of it comes back to confirmation bias - we look for the reasons we feel bad. If people felt happier they wouldn't be doing this. The reasons that the West's happiness has plummeted in recent years are manifold and complex. There are no easy answers. It's more important than ever before to defend humanitarian, inclusive, globalist values, and to construct our belief systems accordingly. We are in crisis as the new architects of widely adopted beliefs are not motivated by these values, but by narcissism and a grotesque drive to arbitrarily simplify the world no matter who pays the price."
-- 8th December 2016


If she really stood as large in life as in his mind
She’d topple buildings when she breezed
Her whispers would echo through the streets

Desperate he needs to see her true face be revealed
Go on hit me, now, he screams
Doesn’t seem to know he’s real
Yet he looms across the doorway
Looms across the doorway
And there’s no way, no way out

They won’t stop until someone bleeds
They won’t stop until someone bleeds

And he only reads between the lines
The only one who sees her tapestry of lies
See how his anger begins to rise how could she speak so easily
The more revealed, it must be yet more intricate behind the scenes

And he cries, cries conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy

They won’t stop until someone bleeds
They won’t stop until someone bleeds


from 2016 EP, released January 20, 2017




Michael Forrest London, UK

Michael Forrest is a multi-instrumentalist producer based in London.

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